These are just a few of the tools that can be used in a digital portfolio to help primary aged students showcase their learning.


Before students can write, they can draw pictures to demonstrate their learning. If you don't have access to a purchased drawing software program, here are some free online sites that can be used:
external image 4771808177_5f6b28ed63_t.jpg
Crayola - Students can choose from different Crayola products and colours.

external image 4772446366_2da876294a_t.jpg

PaintGo - This is an ABCya site. Students can create using pencil, a variety of brushes or a paint can.

To save these images on a PC computer:

Push the “print screen” key. Open the Paint program and "Paste" the image of the whole screen into Paint. Use the cropping tool to choose only the part of the image you want. Copy this smaller image. Open a new paint window (don’t save) and then paste the cropped part. If the white “background” is larger than the image you have pasted, click on the white and drag the bottom right corner up until it is the same size as the pasted image. Save this image using File, Save from the menu at the top.

To save these images on a Mac computer:

Hold down Command, Shift and 4 at the same time. Use the cursor that appears to draw a box around what you want to save as an image. When you release the mouse click, the image will be saved to your desktop.


Having students tell and record their learning is another great option for pre-writers and beyond.

Screen_shot_2011-01-08_at_4.25.14_PM.png AudioBoo allows students to record their learning using their voice. Below is a sample "Boo".


Vokis Children can choose their character, it's clothing, background etc. The site allows you to type in your text (and have an automated voice reading it) or to record your message that will be "lip synced" by the Voki.

A student-made video about how to make a voki and add it to your blog is here.

Other Tools

external image 4520908214_d8dec12107_t.jpgStorybird is a book creation site. You choose characters and scenes from a large selection of pre-made pictures and add the text. Once the stories have been approved, they can be embedded into a portfolio. An example of a student's story can be found here, or check out the one embedded below. Storybirds can also be used for math or other subjects.

The Monsters on Storybird