Video is a wonderful way to capture learning. If the video is posted online, it can be embedded into the students' online portfolio. There are lots of ways that you can make video with children without actually identifying who they are. Here is one example, done in a Common Craft style.

You can see other examples of different ways to use video without showing the children's faces on the Video Examples page.

Here are some examples of other "types" of video.

external image 4582475519_05633a764e_m.jpgSketchcast is also a drawing tool. Students can make a video of up to 20 minutes of their drawing process, and the result can be embedded. Students can show their learning about any topic. (Herethe learning is about plants.) Examples: Showing number understanding and demonstrating learning about plants

Show Beyond allows you to add audio to a series of images. Here is a kindergarten example of a student telling about his trip to the fair.